§1 Requirements: a) Facebook or XBOX messenger b) 17+ or acting mature and proffesionally c) basic team skills and talent in videogaming d) XBOX one, Wii U or PC 

 §2 The single teams for clan wars and tournaments will be determined for every different videogame and by current skills. 

 §3 Clan Size per console: 15-25 members 

 §4 Removing players from clanchat /blocking players without good reason (and it's up to us to judge) will result in penalties 

§5 Try outs: XBOX: J0hny94, Dr. Legendaddy, PC: LipoFatiyal, Wii U: J0hny94, Charlesworth 

 §6 Clan wars will be always conducted with highest repect and professionalism 

 §7 7Hz Gaming for life. 

 §8 No moaning or overly arrogant behaviour. Constructive criticism is welcomed. 

 §9 Etiquette: a) No Ragequit b) no Boosting c) no Trolling (exceptions must be made especially vs Wii mote players) d) No glitching / map exploiting. 

 §10 7HzG clan tag always on. 

 §11 Party with team. If cannot join party/war/match a reason must be given. Disobedience means you are out! No exceptions. 

 §12 Being inactive for more than 4 weeks without giving a reason results in a kick. Rejoining is possible (but will usually require a new Try Out) 

 §13 When engaging in a Clan War, we will always use the official MLG rules for the game played 

§14 The Triforce of our clan: Loyalty and friendship + Asskicking and owning + Fun and good time.