We are a multi-national clan focused on having fun together while still getting results. Our main focus lies on Xbox one (Titanfall, Destiny, COD, Battlefield, etc), PC (Dota 2 and BF) and Wii U (Mario Kart 8, SSB, COD). We have established a large fanbase on Facebook and came second place in the prestigious Spring:Rivals tournament. Our YouTube channel is expanding constantly and our daily Twitch streams are smoothing our way, giving us a steady constant grow. What makes us so unique, is the fact that we have people from different countries, expanding from North America all the way to Europe. Naturally this implies that there is always some clan members active as we are all in different time zones. Being able to be part of a clan with members so far away from each other but yet having a close bond is what makes it perfect. Our policy is playing together semi-professional whilest still having a good and relaxed time together.

7HzG for life.